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Acquired in 2000 by parent company Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc., Synergy Worldwide enjoys a unique relationship that strengthens the company message and product offering.

Committed to advancing the science of feeling better, Nature’s Sunshine Products has been—and continues to be—a pioneering force in the world of natural health and nutrition. Nature’s Sunshine’s desire to share wellness and transform lives around the world drives the development of innovative, science-based natural products that deliver proven health benefits. And with their unrivaled quality controls and uncompromising manufacturing excellence, Nature’s Sunshine sets the standard within the industry, offering only the highest quality products on the market to help you unlock and fulfill your potential.


Your potential is Nature’s Sunshine’s purpose; and wherever you are on the spectrum of health, Nature’s Sunshine can help you maximize your potential and achieve Total Health. Their products are specially formulated to enrich and support core metabolic functions by purifying, fortifying, and protecting the body.


NSP focuses on addressing health holistically rather than symptomatically by supporting the microbiome, the community of microorganisms that live both on and within the body. Emerging science has shown that the balance of the gut microbiome, the ecosystem of microflora that resides in the human digestive and intestinal tract, plays an essential role in metabolic health.


Nature’s Sunshine sets the standard within the industry, offering only the highest quality products on the market to help you unlock and fulfill your potential.



Founded in 1972, Nature’s Sunshine boasts a wealth of natural and nutritional health knowledge that has been honed through more than four decades. In today’s world of overhyped ingredients, questionable claims, and come-and-go products, Nature’s Sunshine is the proven choice for people seeking the lasting benefits of good health.


Quality, one of Nature’s Sunshine’s founding principles, permeates everything the company does, from sourcing and testing ingredients to self-manufacturing and clinically studying finished products. Nature’s Sunshine’s unwavering devotion to delivering the highest quality supplements on the market has helped them become the trusted leader for pure and potent natural products that deliver proven, predictable, and repeatable results.


Another fundamental element of Nature’s Sunshine is their spirit of innovation that drives the discovery of new, proprietary products and programs to support optimal metabolic function. Through the Hughes Center for Research and Innovation, Nature’s Sunshine continues to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge to develop cutting-edge products that help you transform your life and achieve Total Health.



Synergy offers you a rare opportunity to leave a legacy through offering the highest quality, scientifically proven products; providing financial freedom through innovative business opportunities; and establishing a culture of generosity and service to others.